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Our courses will help you achieve success as a commercial drone pilot. Pass the Part 107 test, take to the skies, and start earning money.

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Commercial<br>Drone Courses
Commercial<br>Drone Courses

From Our Students Here is what they are saying about our courses

I will be 60 in a couple of weeks. Greg's organization of information was perfect. And to be clear, he states in the course that he wants to provide not just the knowledge you need for the exam, but for "real world" experience. But, let me say, not a word of his is wasted. The test was just slightly more challenging than I expected (in practice tests I was scoring above 90%). Had I read all of the assignments I'm sure I would have gotten a higher grade. As it was, I passed with an 87. If you are interested in preparing for the Part 107 exam, take this course. A LOT of bang for your buck. Thanks Greg! Will be reviewing the course in 2 years, paying special attention to airspace!

Todd Waddington

Todd Waddington

An excellent basic course which goes at the right pace, delivered in a friendly style, yet with an air of authority.

Karl Mierzejewski

Karl Mierzejewski

Very good explanations, diagrams, and 3D models. I had a hard time understanding airspace prior to this course. I have a much better understanding now.

Gerald Paquette

Gerald Paquette

FAQ Got questions? Get the answers below. You can also contact us.

What is the Part 107 certification?

The FAA requires you to pass the Part 107 exam and become a Remote Pilot if you want to operate a drone for anything that is not recreational. Whether you use your drone for business purposes, to inspect roofs, to promote your monetized social media account, you need a Remote Pilot certificate.

Who can get a Part 107 license?

You have to be at least 16 years old, be able to speak and write English, and be physically and mentally fit to fly a drone to be able to take the test. You do not need to be a US citizen.

How much does it cost to get a Part 107 license?

It costs $150 to take the test. This fee goes to the independent testing center. It is non-refundable even if you don't pass the test. The FAA maintains a list of testing centers and there are locations in all 50 states.

How long does it take to pass the test?

The FAA recommends 20 hours of studying. You can study over a week period if you want to cram. Most students take 2 weeks.

What's on the Part 107 test?

The Part 107 test is a 60 question multiple choice exam. It covers a wide-range of topics from weather, charts, decision making, to general aviation.

What happens if I don't get a Part 107 license?

The FAA has the authority to fine you tens of thousands of dollars fines for every day that you fly without a license. Ignoring the FAA further could result in a fine of up to $250,000 and a maximum of three years of jail time.

Do I need to buy the Airspace and Weather courses in addition to the Part 107 test Prep course?

No you don't. All the videos related to Airspace and Weather are available in the Part 107 test prep. These courses are designed for pilots looking for specific information about those topics only.

What if I just want to fly for fun

We also offer courses for that! Check out our Drone 101 course that will provide you all the information you need to be a proficient recreational pilot.

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